Smart, Innovative & Connected

Cutting edge solutions for the smart home

Tilgin provides flexible connectivity solutions to communication service providers and have done so for the past 20 years. With our software and hardware solutions, we help you stay relevant in your customer offering. For our vast array of products, we also offer remote updates, making it easy to cut down on support time and new installations. 

Strong software capabilities 

Our home connectivity solutions come fully loaded with the latest in communication software from our partner, Seliro. With our SDK you can also chose to add your own application array on top. This gives you the ability to add layers on top of your services, allowing for incremental revenue and control of your customers journey with you as their chosen operator. 

When design matters

For us, design has always been a key focus which is why we’ve chosen to offer the best of two worlds. Go with offtheshelf products that carry a clean, Nordic design language or choose a design that is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Offer great customer experience by not only providing outstanding technical solutions, but through your own designs. The options are limitless.  

Software and solutions for the connected home


Interested in bringing additional applications to market? With the use of our SDK you can add incremental revenue to your solutions offering, provide your customers with more services and achieve better customer stickiness.

Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh Wi-Fi is a scalable and self-configuring Wi-Fi solution that eradicates dead zones and offers seamless wireless roaming for the end user. Offering managed mesh Wi-Fi helps you meet customer expectations and differentiates you from your competitors.

Custom Design

Express your thoughts and vision by choosing a design that is uniquely tailored to you. Offer great customer experience by not only providing outstanding technical solutions, but through your own designs.
The options are limitless.