About K&K Active Oy

Country: Finland

K&K Active Oy is a value-adding distributor of data transfer and telecommunications products. K&K is a part of the Swedish Lagercrantz Group, which practices wholesale trade and has an annual turnover of more than 2,000 MSEK. The Lagercrantz Group employs approximately 800 people and is listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange. K&K Active Oy, together with their business partners and affiliates, aims to provide its customers with solutions that enhance their competitive advantage. The company operate on a field of specified data- and telecommunications network products. In addition, they offer their customers software solutions for network maintenance, monitoring, provisioning, and numerous other operational needs. Their products range from IP-products, radiosystems, multiservicesystems and optical products to xDSL-products.

Being a Tilgin partner

“Tilgin offers comprehensive set of manageable home gateways. With this offering we can deliver the next generation access networks to our customers.” Matti Hätönen, Managing Director, K&K Active Oy.

Homepage: www.kandk.fi