Welcome to Tilgin

Tilgin provides complete solutions for the profitable online home. By combining customer premises equipment with management systems, software and professional services, we are able to bundle solutions designed specifically for operators – allowing you to fully exploit the power of broadband.

Innovators are the winners

The broadband market is changing rapidly. In the fierce competition, it takes new and innovative solutions to come out a winner. Telco, cable and ISP vendors are all competing for subscriber spend with overlapping or similar service offerings. Delivering Triple Play over a common broadband network is no longer hype. It is a reality – and it’s happening at a blinding pace.

The benefits that matter the most

However, the growing Triple Play market is not just about new business opportunities. It also means meeting new challenges, technical as well as commercial. Whether you succeed or not will most likely depend on your ability to:

  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and eliminate churn
  • Secure new revenues
  • Evolve your brand

These are the business dynamics that drive the development of Tilgin products and network-oriented solutions – and which form the basis of our business solutions.