Social Responsibility Policy

Tilgin strives to integrate financial, environmental and social components into both its strategic and operational work. Profitability requirements are balanced with other requirements of corporate responsibility in which laws, regulations and customer requirements are all considered.

Tilgin strives to reach internal awareness in everything they do that influences a customers’ perception of the company. Our customers’ expectations are impacted by Tilgin’s products, services, skills, and both local and global behavior.

Environmental impacts can be minimized at all stages, from raw material to the finished product and the choice of resources and technologies that enable a sustainable business.

Tilgin respects the minimum criteria expressed in the UN’s international standards of fundamental human rights, labor rights and environmental protection. Tilgin renounces all forms of forced and/or child labor. The choice of suppliers and partners are made by considering the same set of standards.

Tilgin strives to work at the highest level of integrity and honesty as well as maintaining high ethical standards in all business contexts.  Tilgin also condemns all forms of corruption.

Tilgin strives to safeguard employee’s health, safety, welfare and job satisfaction. Staff skills should be safeguarded and developed to encourage high performance. A leader must exercise a strong and developing leadership that encourages independence, responsibility and participation.