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Com Hem is by far the largest Swedish Cable TV operator, and fast growing, with more than 1.7 million connected households and close to 600,000 broadband users. As part of their future strategic technologies plan Com Hem has chosen to invest in TR-069 as a base for the remote management of the connected home.

With tGem, Tilgin provides Com Hem with a comprehensive remote management platform for any Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that is compliant with Broadband Forum’s TR-069 standard. In this deployment, Com Hem is using third-party CPE and benefited from Tilgin Professional Services team’s experience in integrating third-party devices smoothly into the platform.

Com Hem will use tGem to provision, monitor, and guarantee the service of their home devices. Firstly as part of their all new fiber project and progressively extending the use of tGem to other devices of the connected home.

“Delivering quality of experience to our subscribers is core for Com Hem’s business strategy. As Com Hem now expands into new deep fiber networks, it is central to be able to control the connected home and the broadband services delivered in order to be successful.” says Mr. Peter Eriksson, Manager OSS at Com Hem. “When we selected Tilgin and tGem we chose not only the right solution but also a partner able to help us deliver on our business plan. Tilgin has proven to give us quick and responsive services to meet our needs.”



Since 2002, AllTele has evolved from being an IP-telephony provider delivering plain telephony services to city networks- and property owners, to a national provider of telephony- and broadband services. Their business idea is to deliver competitive and technically superior services for telephony and broadband. AllTele’s goal is to deliver the most cost effective telephony- and broadband services with the highest service quality, independent of access technology. The company is based in Stockholm Sweden.

Tilgin delivers several products from its Vood 300 family of Home Gateways as well as a complete VCM remote management platform to AllTele.

“Tilgin, its solutions and knowledge, has really helped us to simplify the installation, support, and management of our voice- and broadband services
Peter Bellgran, CTO AllTele


Bredbånd Nord

Bredbånd Nord, a Danish fiber broadband company, was established in 2006, covering a region called Vendsyssel in the northern parts of Denmark (Jutland). The company is owned by a known and well established threesome, consisting of three local and strong utility companies (3 regional municipals) Elforsyningen Nordvendsyssel (ENV), Elforsyningen Sydvendsyssel (ESV) and Nyfors. All three utility companies have many years experience from the backbone network and infrastructure – both in terms of burial of cables and supply of electricity – making it natural for them to in their joint subsidiary Bredbånd Nord establish fiber network in the region.

Bredbånd Nord’s vision is to contribute to the continued development and growth of Northern Jutland and thereby also to increase competitiveness in the region. Today Bredbånd Nord is established as a fiber operator ensuring individuals (residential) and businesses in Northern Jutland continued access to tomorrow’s technology platform. Bredbånd Nord’s clients have access to a high-tech and future-proof platform through a strong and stable fiber network enabling Bredbånd Nord to continuously offer products, covering both private and corporate customer’s communications needs – far into the future.

Bredbånd Nord will introduce Tilgin’s Full Service Routing solution for Triple Play, based on Tilgin’s Home Gateway HG1350 for Gigabit access together with the Home Gateway Software HGA 570 and Tilgin’s ACS, the Remote Management Software VCM 5, to fiber connected households in Denmark.

“Bredbånd Nord strongly believes in Tilgin as a long term partner and we have chosen them as our supplier of Home Gateway equipment because our tests have shown that their solution for delivering 3-play routed services is best in class and very thought through. Their solution will enable us to deliver high speed Internet connection to our residential customers, which is very important for us in order to differentiate our products in a very competitive market. Furthermore the VCM management system will enable us to deliver excellent customer service because of its unique integration with the Home Gateway.” Kasper Villadsen, Udviklings og planlægningschef Bredbånd Nord

Homepage: Bredbånd Nord


Superonline is implementing a solution from Tilgin and Ericsson to provide households with high-speed Internet connections and IMS based IP-telephony. Through this new solution, Superonline is able to use the most modern network technology, including Tilgin Home Gateways HG1300 and Tilgin’s gateway management software HGA 570, and offer their customers 100 Mbit/s Internet access, IMS based IP telephony and a rich Internet TV service, all over one common network. Superonline is implementing a so called Fiber-to-the-Building solution with a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection to each home, equivalent to the capacity of most office networks.

“When evaluating the different vendors’ gateways, we searched for a solution that combined high performance, ease-of-use and flexibility with a low total cost of ownership. Tilgin delivers all of this with its combination of reliability, high performance and state-of-the-art software. The high capacity, together with intelligent remote management functionality and support for quality of service, will enable the most demanding services including multiple high definition TV streams (HDTV).”

Murat Erkan, CEO at Superonline.

Superonline (became a “brand” name after the merger with Tellcom), the innovative alternative telecommunications operator providing the world’s fastest communication technology with its fiber optics infrastructure in Turkey.

The company is the only operator that offers residential customers up to 100 Mbps internet access and enterprise customers 10 Gbps internet access, metro Ethernet and leased line by its own nation-wide alternative fiber roll-out. The company also provides xDSL, datacenter co-location, hosting, security, virtual private networks, P2P fiber access, back-up services. The company has its own international fiber access to Bulgaria and many peerings with the global operators.

All infrastructures are managed and maintained with Turkcell’s (Superonline’s parent company – 2nd biggest mobile operator in Europe) standards. (Company was founded in 2004 as Bilisim Telekom and changed its name to Tellcom in 2005. In 2008, Tellcom bought the infrastructure and services of Sabanci Telekom.) After completion of the merge phase with Superonline in 2009, the company changed its brand as Superonline but remaining legal company name as it is.

The company continues investments on fiber roll-out, FTTx, bitstream access, local loop unbundling, MPLS network and NGN. The company operates as a subsidiary of Turkcell Group.


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