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About Universe/ITSMEA

Country: Egypt

UNIVERSE is a leading company in the field of distributing Data Communication & Networking Components in Egypt, Middle East, and North Africa.
Since established in 1995, Universe takes the commitment to meet the needs of its clients from different business fields, offering them the lowest possible rates with the highest quality along with the best payment terms.

In order to meet with this commitment, Universe always keeps a high volume stock of high quality brands from different origins.

As a distinguished distributor of cabling components, Universe used to deal with resellers and system integrators rather than end-users, hence we shared in many small, medium, large and huge projects in Egypt and outside bringing the IT Technology to the end consumer wrapped with best service.

Homepage: www.universe-eg.com

About SBM

Country: Saudi Arabia

SBM offers integrated technology solutions, which are at the cutting edge of the global business landscape. In optimizing processes and facilitating transactions, SBM empowers its customers with the right systems to compete in business, with full force. Supported by decades of experience and in partnership with world’s principal technology brands, SBM today is the leading solutions provider for key companies and governmental organizations, in a multitude of industries across the Kingdom.

Homepage: www.sbm.com.sa

About Saga

Country: Serbia

Homepage: www.saga.rs

About RON Telecom

Country: Russia

Homepage: www.rontel.ru

About ATEC

Region: Sub-Sahara

ATEC was born from the need to distinguish property developments from the rest with ICT technologies, offering superior lifestyle benefits to clients. These lifestyle benefits range from enhanced best of breed security to first world telecommunications services to community based communication technologies. The private South African company focuses on providing these solutions to logically grouped residential and commercial clients, backed up with the highest of service levels.

Founded in 2004, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, by implementing the first true Fibre to the Home in a gated community, the first Fibre to the Home outside a gated community and several inventive security solutions. This in-depth understanding of the FTTH industry led to ATEC being one of the founding members of the FTTH Council for Africa.

With an outstanding reputation for efficient service delivery, ATEC is committed to providing cost-effective technology solutions without compromising on quality. Based in Pretoria, ATEC has a national footprint with offices in Cape Town and Durban.

Being a Tilgin partner:

“After years of collaboration with Tilgin, we are pleased to see the direction they are going and the value they bring to us and our customers, thanks to their smart solutions built on the powerful and open ACS tGem and the well-designed Home Gateways they develop.” says Gerhard Loots, Commercial Director at ATEC.

Homepage: www.atec.co.za

About Mychoice

Country: Norway

MyChoice is an importer of communications products to retailers in Norway and Sweden. The company will focus on product sales and services segment, broadband networks and products for the digital home. Our customers are distributors and collaboration partners to deliver networking, communications and broadband solutions to its customers.

Homepage: www.mychoice.no

About Kestrel

Countries: Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans

Kestrel Information Systems, is a provider of integrated Information Technology and Telecommunications solutions strategically designed to match your company’s needs. The company was formed in the year 2000 in order to introduce innovative solutions to the booming Greek IT&T market. It is part of the Kestrel Business Network, which is involved in large Public Sector projects.

Homepage: www.kestrel-is.gr

About K&K Active Oy

Country: Finland

K&K Active Oy is a value-adding distributor of data transfer and telecommunications products. K&K is a part of the Swedish Lagercrantz Group, which practices wholesale trade and has an annual turnover of more than 2,000 MSEK. The Lagercrantz Group employs approximately 800 people and is listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange. K&K Active Oy, together with their business partners and affiliates, aims to provide its customers with solutions that enhance their competitive advantage. The company operate on a field of specified data- and telecommunications network products. In addition, they offer their customers software solutions for network maintenance, monitoring, provisioning, and numerous other operational needs. Their products range from IP-products, radiosystems, multiservicesystems and optical products to xDSL-products.

Being a Tilgin partner

“Tilgin offers comprehensive set of manageable home gateways. With this offering we can deliver the next generation access networks to our customers.” Matti Hätönen, Managing Director, K&K Active Oy.

Homepage: www.kandk.fi

About DSC

Countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania

DSC is one of the largest and fastest-growing regional distribution companies for telecommunication equipment for residential and business users on Slovenian and foreign markets. DSC’s vision is to fulfill market demands for all needed equipment in modern Triple-play Access network solutions. Its distribution network is spread across Slovenia and the South-East European region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania). DSC are representing and partnering with best-in-bread telecommunication vendors such as Tilgin. DSC is based out of Slovenia.

Being a Value Added Reseller Partner:

“The Tilgin products and solution are robust and stable, giving our customers less hassle and more satisfied home users. This help the operators to keep and attract new customers in a very competitive market situation.” Vladimir Ban, Managing Director DSC Slovenia

Homepage: www.dsc.si

About S4Tech Solutions for Technology

Country: Poland

S4Tech, is a private company operating in telecommunication business, with its biggest market share in Poland. S4Tech is the provider of complete solutions, from network planning and designing through delivery, installation, configuration up to maintenance and SLA services. They specialize in design and delivery of modern telecommunication solutions of network access providers, with emphasis on broadband and Triple Play solutions. The S4Tech technical team is based on highly trained and educated engineers with excellent skills and experience in IP, SDH, xDSL and IPTV technology.

Being a Value Added Reseller Partner:

“In Poland the deregulation is taking of and new operators are looking for fast implementation of broadband and IP telephony solutions. With the Tilgin managed broadband solutions we can offer our customers a fast implementation shortening their time to market.” Paweł Zaczkiewicz, S4Tech Poland

Homepage: www.s4tech.pl

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