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Open Connectivity Foundation


The Open Connectivity Foundation is dedicated to ensuring secure interoperability for consumers, businesses and industries by delivering a standard communications platform, a bridging specification, an open source implementation and a certification program allowing devices to communicate regardless of form factor, operating system, service provider, transport technology or ecosystem.

The industry leading companies involved in OCF believe that secure and reliable device discovery and connectivity is a foundational component to enable IoT. The good news is that it is underway.

About ULE Alliance


The ULE Alliance mission is to establish ULE as the world’s leading control network eco-system for home and building use by leveraging the proven reliability and range of the DECT radio technology currently in use in 100’s of millions of products worldwide.


The ULE Alliance allows its members to quickly develop new products and services in the areas of Home Automation, Security and Climate control by ensuring perfect interoperability between the products of the different vendors conforming to the standards, thereby delivering true customer satisfaction and increasing the overall size of the market for all participants.


The ULE Alliance promotes the worldwide allocation and market adoption of the ULE technology

About Broadband Forum

The Broadband Forum recently changed name from DSL Forum. Broadband Forum is a consortium of approximately 200 leading industry players covering telecommunications, equipment, computing, networking and service provider companies. Its work ensures that service providers are able to rollout, as well as introduce new services quickly and effectively, using common platforms and practices that makes all they do easily scalable, and economical.

Established in 1994, the Forum continues its drive to develop the full potential of DSL to meet the broadband needs of the mass market. In eleven years, the Broadband Forum has moved through defining the core Digital Subscriber Line technology to establishing advanced architecture standards, and maximizing effectiveness in deployment, reach and application support.

The forum has driven global standardization of ADSL, SHDSL, VDSL, ADSL2plus, and VDSL2 and more are in process. These will provide a complete portfolio of digital subscriber line technologies designed to deliver ubiquitous broadband services for a wide range of situations and applications that will continue the transformation of our day-to-day lives in an on-line world. Best practices for auto-configuration, flow-through provisioning, equipment interoperability and other key facilitators of scaleable, global, mass-market deployment of Broadband broadband, are fast-tracked by Broadband Forum.

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