Custom design for your Wi-Fi equipment

Hidden routers leads to poor Wi-Fi

At Tilgin, we know that routers are considered an eyesore, and for many, the easiest solution is to hide them away from plain view – behind or underneath furniture or inside a cabinet, for example. But hiding the router like this will likely block Wi-Fi signals, leading to poor coverageYour end customer typically can’t differentiate between “bad Wi-Fi” and “bad Internet” and the customer experience of you as an operator is therefore negatively impacted by the poor Wi-Fi quality. It also leads to added pressure on your customer support. Ultimately, this may even have a negative effect on churn, when customers turn to other operators in the hopes that they will provide “better Internet” 


Keeping customers curious

Offering different designs for your Wi-Fi equipment is a way to: 

  • Lower churn 
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Stand out in the crowd and separate you from your key competitors 
  • Keep customers curious to see what comes next 

Your router as a design statement

An effective way of getting end users to not hide their Wi-Fi equipment is to offer appealing designs, that make them want to place their equipment where it can be seen. As a result, the Wi-Fi experience will also be improved, as signals can be distributed freely. Routers can be designed to fit the décor of the house or as novelty items – only the imagination sets the limit. To offer different design options increases the customers positive perception of your operator brand and positions you as an innovator rather than a follower. It’s also a way for your company to express your thoughts and vision through design.  

An innovative custom design case

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) uses Disney-themed routers to get families in Hong Kong to place their Wi-Fi equipment in plain view. Read our software partner Seliro’s customer case to learn more about how HKBN successfully launched their Disney-themed designs.  

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Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh Wi-Fi is a scalable and self-configuring Wi-Fi solution that eradicates dead zones and offers seamless wireless roaming for the end user. Offering managed mesh Wi-Fi helps you meet customer expectations and differentiates you from your competitors.

Custom Design

Express your thoughts and vision by choosing a design that is uniquely tailored to you. Offer great customer experience by not only providing outstanding technical solutions, but through your own designs.
The options are limitless.