Of outmost importance when selecting software for a CPE is the control and knowledge of the code base that the partner can provide. For Tilgin control has been a fundamental part of the strategy from the very beginning. Control means a stable operations but also means feature support that with trust can be the base of the offers needed.

HGA, Home Gateway Application Software

Tilgin is in full control of the software that runs on the Tilgin gateways. The software is continuously developed by Tilgin engineers to meet applicable standards, fulfill customer requirements and add new features. Working with full focus on Telecom Operators Tilgin also understands the inevitable need of adaptation that is needed from case to case. A minor but vital example is the end user GUI that is customizable in terms of branding as well as configurable end user rights.

HGA software supports fully routed scenarios, giving Operator’s full freedom for service separation and QoS. To provide redundancy of a second WAN, HGA supports 3G/4G network. With the rich TR-069 support every aspect of HGA can be remotely configured. HGA also helps Operators in Home information collection, monitoring. This is essential to keeping a smooth operation and to for customer experience management.

As Operators expand their service offers HGA provides a feature rich set that can be built upon. HGA provides a storage solution, allowing operators to offer storage services to the end customer’s opening for multi-screen scenarios with home sharing.

The mature and feature rich VoIP solution supports both legacy SIP and IMS, enabling seamless use of telephony either using FXS or the cordless next generation DECT interface. With next generation cordless technology, Operators can offer high quality cordless telephony and at the same time open up for connecting smart home devices as the standard evolves with ULE. For HGA this is just software upgrades. HGA also includes a full SIP ALG allowing Operators to do connect and route any SIP client bringing all communication services together.