Flexible Web GUI

Short facts:

  • Easy to use
  • Full feature set GUI
  • GUI adaptable to the operator services
  • Multilingual support
  • Direct links to configuration for connected devices
  • Five user profiles definable
  • Work in conjunction with remote management
Tilgin HGA Web GUI is an easy to use graphical interface to all functions in Tilgin HGA software. The interface is fully adaptable to the operators service offering.

The Web GUI is the end user interface to the operator’s service offering, allowing the end user to control and check the features and functions related to the offering in the CPE.

The Web GUI cover all functions available in the Tilgin HGA Software, including typical end users features as well as features only of interest for an operator in a lab environment, all of them normally configured from a TR-069 remote management server.

The GUI supports a number of different languages. The correct language is automatically selected based on the browser preferences, but can also be manually configured. New languages can be added to the GUI as requested.

When a new device, such as a storage device or a cellular network access device is attached to the CPE, the device is automatically detected. A direct link to the configuration page for the device in question is then presented already at the login page. This allows for the easiest possible setup procedure, if needed at all, depending on the operator’s pre-configuration.

The Web GUI is accessible using five different user profiles that are configurable from the management server. For each item in the GUI, the different users can be given no access, read access or read/write access. In this way the operator can turn off parts of the interface that should not be accessible by the end users. The operator can then also offer more than one user profile in the home, where one user has the right to make configuration changes, and the others only are allowed to access the voice services, such as call lists, call forwarding rules etc.

One of the roles is the Helpdesk personal that can during a customer support call get access locally to help the end user.