Fully routed solution

Short facts:

  • Any-port-any-service for Internet, VoIP and IPTV
  • Device specific DHCP options
  • Works hand-in-hand with the storage solution
  • Built in RTSP proxy
  • Built in IGMP proxy
  • Built in SIP-ALG
Tilgin HGA fully routed solution expands the service offering to end users, yet offers OPEX savings in operation.

With the support for fully routed scenarios the connected end user devices in the home automatically get detected and treated in accordance with the operators requirements. Each service is thus given the correct treatment in the operator network. The any-port-any-service which is a part of the solution, allows the end users to connect their equipment to any of the wired or wireless ports in the home for Internet, IPTV and VoIP services. There is no wrong port.

When implemented, the solution offers a number of benefits for the end users and for the operators. The end users get an environment where all devices in the home are connected on the same LAN group, allowing the devices to share content and to communicate with each other. The end users can for example connect any number of STBs very easily. The operator achieves an easier provisioning and thereby a foundation for new services and revenues.

The any-port-any-service function also includes VoIP, utilized with a built in SIP ALG. This allows LAN connected VoIP devices such as IP phones, ATAs, smart phones or PCs running a SIP client application to get the same treatment in the gateway and operator network as the built in VoIP service.

For VoD services the built in RTSP proxy handles unicast services whereas the built in IGMP proxy handles multicast IPTV services.

The solution also offers an identification mechanism for LAN connected devices, allowing the built in DHCP server to provide and extensive set of device specific DHCP options, which are commonly required for connected STBs.