New generation DECT

Short facts:

  • Deployable using a USB connected, or built in to the gateway, DECT base station
  • Offers HD quality voice services
  • Offers personal telephony in the home or small business
  • Seamlessly integrated in the Tilgin VoIP solution
  • Prepared for the certification program CAT-iq 2.0
New generation DECT can revolutionize the current voice service. HGA have support and integrations done.

With Tilgin HGA, CPE offers with new generation DECT support can connected cordless handsets then use the service seamlessly with the well proven Tilgin VoIP solution.The software solution can use either a USB connected new generation DECT base station, or a built in DECT base station in the CPE.

The first feature to leverage in new generation DECT are support for HD quality voice services, taking the voice experience to a new level, and personal telephony, which allows each member of the household or small business to have their own handset and phone number.

The new generation DECT technology also includes support for data services with the ULE standard. ULE is a powerful technology for building smart home solutions. Smart home solutions with ULE will be software upgrade option with Tilgin HGA.

The Tilgin solution is prepared for the certification program CAT-iq 2.0.

New generation DECT can revolutionize the current voice service. HGA have support and integrations done.

HGA DECT – CAT-iq solution

The next generation DECT solution that is offered by Tilgin support the full range of VoIP services available in the Tilgin software and in addition a number of next generation DECT specific services

Technical highlights DECT services:

  • Base station factory restore
  • PIN code management
  • Handset registration with easy pairing
  • Date and time synchronization for handset
  • Handset line or name presentation
  • Handset localization feature
  • Call lists in handset
  • Caller identity and name presentation in handset
  • Handset feature key support for voice services
  • Message waiting indication to handset
  • Missed call notification to handset
  • HD voice support
  • Up to four simultaneous HD voice calls
  • Up to six connected handsets
  • Software upgradable to ULE