Short facts:

  • Compatible with USB 2.0 hard disks
  • Use SMB and DLNA for media sharing
  • Supports multiple disks
  • Supports multiple partitions
  • Offers users and group access rights
  • Disk content accessible using HTTP (browser)
  • Remotely manageable following TR-140
  • Enables storage service offering for the operator
Tilgin HGA storage solution gives operators a managed local storage solution supporting media sharing within the home.

The solution turns a USB connected storage device into a network device, allowing the end user to access stored content from all clients in the home. The solution is designed to give a plug and play experience as it offers easiest possible connection of, and access to the connected device. In addition, it offers optional advanced capabilities, supporting for instance multiple disks and partitions, definitions of user groups and access rights. The solution is interoperable with all standard retail USB disks.

Tilgin HGA has a built in DLNA media server and also support SMB for sharing of media in the home.

The solution is remotely manageable from a TR-069 compliant ACS and follows the TR-140 standard. This allows the operator to predefine settings, define white and black lists to make sure that an operator-approved or operator-provided disk is used. The operator can also use and control parts of the disk for different services offered to the end users, such as a central backup service of the content on the disk, configuration backup etc.