Subscriber care tools

Short facts:

  • HGA log built around the TR-157
  • Built in speed test tool
  • Supports VoIP logging according to TR-104 issue 2
  • Wi-Fi data report


Tilgin HGA has a number of valuable tools for the operator to supervise and diagnose the subscribers in the operator network.

These tools uses are built around the TR-069 framework and extends the value of the TR-069 management in the operator network. With the features in Tilgin HGA, the acs becomes a natural point for not only configuration and software updates, but also for taking care of subscriber trouble shooting and statistics on subscriber behavior.

HGA Operator log

The operator log is built around the TR-157 fault management solution. All important events that occur are stored locally in the gateway for future or instant use.

Examples of such events are devices that connect or disconnect, important network protocol events, service events, link status etc.

Each type of event can be classified according to its importance, and the appropriate action can be defined, immediate notification or notification at next contact with the acs, or just log the event without notification.

HGA Speed test

The software has a built in tool for running speed tests, initiated from the acs or directly from the local GUI. The test is then run between the gateway and internet or a server in the operator network, thus eliminating the local home network and optionally also internet in the test. This is an important step when trying to diagnose or identify a subscriber problem. But the same functionality can be used by the operator to deliver “SLA” and guaranteed internet access speed.

HGA VoIP statistics

Tilgin HGA support the extensive VoIP logging mechanisms defined in TR-104 issue 2. Giving a very rich set of data.

Call lists, call setup times, reason for call termination, quality measurements (MOS values) and other things are continuously logged and made available for the operator via the acs.

These are all valuable measures for an operator not only in the subscriber care process, but also for collection of statistics on how the VoIP service in general behaves in the network.

HGA Wi-Fi characteristics

Tilgin HGA supports the presentation of a number of data for Wi-Fi characteristics, all for each client connected to the gateway. This includes current link speed, signal strength and amount of traffic.

HGA future

The framework introduced in HGA with subscriber care tools will evolve with even more details as well as new capabilities.