TR-069 management

Short facts:

  • High level of ACS interoperability
  • Supports the general TR-069 standard
  • TR-098, the gateway profile
  •  TR-104, the voice profile
  • TR-111 (later TR-069 Annex F and G)
  • TR-140, the storage service profile
  • TR-143, Network throughput test profile
HGA is fully manageable from any TR-069 ACS, supporting upgrades, configuration as well as status and statistics collection.

The HGA software solution fully manage the services enabled on a CPE, it tightly follows the TR-069 standard framework.

The remote management solution is highly interoperable and proven to interwork with many ACS vendors on the market. With Tilgin ACS, tGem, additional benefits all under the TR-069 framework, can be found such as full interoperability from day one, service alarms and monitoring.

HGA supports out of the box provisioning scenarios as well as customer specific solutions for provisioning in more complex networks architectures.

Tilgin has more than 10 years of experience in remote management for residential gateways, an experience that is built in to the Tilgin HGA software, where all aspects of remote management are taken in to account.