A unified management platform that support your needs when delivering broadband, Wi-Fi and IoT services.

One Maestro to manage them all

Maestro is a CPE management system that spans the complete lifecycle for a multitude of device types in home network environments, such as standard broadband gateways from any vendor, advanced Wi-Fi mesh extenders and residential platforms for IoT functionality.

It provides one single interface for managing millions of devices from hundereds of different vendors instead of managing millions of devices from hundereds of vendor specific interfaces. The flexible onboarding process for new device types allows for agile integration, testing and evaluation. Benefits for operators are improved efficiency and operational cost savings.

A complete CPE lifecycle management tool

The Maestro system spans the complete life cycle of CPEs with:

  • All in one management platform for CPE devices, Wi-Fi mesh extenders and IoT devices
  • Vendor agnostic for fast onboarding
  • Subscriber centric monitoring, alarms and proactive care
  • Wi-Fi and mesh management
  • Seamless integration for Portals, IoT and OSS/BSS
  • Bi-data collection
  • Scalable with high availability support, for management of millions of devices
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Flexible and scalable interactions

Maestro has a proven track record of over 20 years from more than 30 tier 1 to 3 operators managing millions of devices. The system scales cost efficiently; from smaller cases with under 100.000 devices, to larger ones with several million devices. It enables flexible and scalable interactions with a large number of devices for provisioning tasks, fault handling and real time subscriber support.

The Maestro ACS is delivered as:

  • On premises (virtualized or dedicated hardware) where the Internet Service Provider owns the complete system. As the Maestro ACS handles vast quantities of data related to user behavior, considering data privacy, this is the preferred Maestro configuration.
  • On public cloud (AWS, Google, Azure or similar).
  • Software license as a back-end component in the Ensamble product family.


The Maestro platform suite

The technical stuff on pdf
  • Remote device management
  • Zero-touch provision
  • Granular monitoring of performance metrics for large pools of devices
  • Fast drill-down to device for efficient trouble shooting
  • Fully TR-069 compliant - and all subsequent standards
  • Security management
  • Scheduled mass operations
  • REST APIs for NBI integration
  • Grouping and naming for any device, group of devices, configuration parameters and actions for efficient handling and automation
  • Workflow engine for automation of workflows
  • Instant overall view of the current status for millions of devices
  • Provisioning tasks, upgrades and modifications are done with a simple drag and drop of predefined collections of data
  • Testing and verification of new upgrades as well as monitoring is automated using the built-in business logic tool
  • The flexible support for provisioning, re-configurations and customer care tasks
  • May contribute to churn reduction, reduced amount and duration of support calls, reduced time and cost for device interop and OSS integrations

How to deploy Maestro

Step 1
Environment definition

On premises-virtualised or dedicated hardware. On public cloud- AWS, Google, Azure or similar.

Step 2
Deployment type

Single host. Distributed components.

Step 3
System definition

Number of devices. Data granularity for analytics. OSS / BSS interactions. Database environment.

Step 4
Resource dimensions

Type and size of CPU. Type and size of storage. Capacity of internal network.

Step 5
Installation and integration

Installing and staring. Integration to external systems. System configuration. Operations day one support.

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