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Exceeding expectations


Operator provided managed mesh is a key enabler to develop the relationship and the business between operator and consumer. Today’s consumers want more from their service provider than basic internet connectivity. They are looking for whole home coverage, enough speed to run multiple devices, sessions and services – and efficient support if anything goes wrong.

By managing the whole home Wi-Fi network, operators can make guide and secure there is asked for coverage in every room of the home. Coverage by a stable, self-optimizing Wi-Fi network that dynamically handles capacity allocation, interference and roaming.

Seliro Managed Wi-Fi mesh software has the unique feature of mesh-in-the-gateway, enabling the Wi-Fi gateway to be part of the mesh network. For installed base gateways already running Seliro software, mesh capability can be deployed via the ACS system providing fast and cost-efficient response to customer need.


Managed Wi-Fi mesh solution

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  • Flexible architecture - Can be deployed either as mesh system connected by LAN behind a native gateway or as a mesh gateway with up to 5 WiFi-connected mesh extenders
  • Solution based on the leading Qualcomm SON platform
  • Auto-discovery and auto-configuration for easy installation and configuration
  • Self healing network that automatically finds alternative connection paths in multi-router networks ie a bandwidth bottleneck or a hang-up on an existing connection
  • Automatic performance degradation detection and dynamic band steering that serves devices across bands for optimized network capacity
  • Seamless roaming ensures bandwidth is available when and where it’s needed.
  • End-to-end content-aware routing makes sure each device gets the appropriate bandwidth
  • Automatic selection of best Wi-Fi link for each device based on application, band and context
  • One-touch WPS pairing
  • Fully managable through TR-069 and TR-181
  • Ready for Easy Mesh
  • Optimal Plug & Play home Wi-Fi mesh setup & activation.
  • Self-care capabilities reducing number of helpdesk calls.
  • Increased quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) reducing churn.
  • Launch of additional services and smart home solutions, generating new revenue streams and impacting Average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Operational efficiency, reduced support- and service costs.
  • Qualcomm SON platform bringing best in class Wi-Fi coverage and performance.

CSP guide to increased customer value

What are the reasons why the smart home services pose new challenges for consumers  – and ultimately for the CSPs? What issues arise when consumers without the right know-how and know-why choose freely from a wide range of Wi-Fi solutions? What additional services can CSPs provide in terms real value to their customers while growing its businesses?

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Seliro has been very forthcoming – great communication and always eager to identify and take responsibility for what needs doing.

Mathias Utterström

The great opportunity of the connected smart home can only be captured if you control the software.


As we provide equipment that can be managed remotely, we can offer our customers better quality of service from end to end.

Rex WM Hui