Increase customer satisfaction with Wi-Fi mesh

Bad Wi-Fi vs Bad Internet

We use the Internet in almost everything we do – a huge change from just little more than a decade ago when we mainly used Internet for web browsing and emailsMore and more connected devices and OTT services for multimedia streaming and online gaming are used in the consumer home, requiring more bandwidth, speed and better coverage. Needs that are growing even more when so many are working from home. Most operators can offer stable Internet connections with great speeds, but how well the connection performs inside the house depends on which Wi-Fi solution is deployed. Old routers run old wireless standards and simply aren’t built for the use of today and therefore performs poorlyYour end customer typically can’t differentiate between bad Wi-Fi and bad Internet and you as an operator will be blamed for the low quality of the user experience. 


Solving coverage issues with mesh

One of the most common Wi-Fi-related challenges for end customers is coverage due to lack of signal. Mesh is a technology that covers the end-user’s home in Wi-Fi signal, far better than what a single router can doA scalable solution that consists of one mesh-ready gateway and one or more mesh extenders (nodes). The nodes are typically linked to each other using Wi-Fi but can also use wired, backhaul connections. The solution is self-configuring, meaning that both network topology and type of link used between nodes are automatically selected by the system, which enables seamless wireless roaming. 

Delivering high performance Wi-Fi

Apart from providing a well-functioning Internet connection, delivering high-performance Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly important for communication service providers to meet growing customer expectations, and can be a differentiator for the service offering. Adding mesh as a part of your offering will contribute to: 

  • Top-line growth  
  • Increased customer satisfaction  
  • Cross sales of digital services  
  • Decreased churn  

Download our mesh guide

Read this guide from our software partner Seliro to take a closer look at how mesh works and its benefits and challenges, both from the end customer’s and the CSP’s point of view. The guide also discusses why it’s important for operators to not just provide new equipment, but to also offer managed services for increased control and best possible customer quality of experience. 

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Mesh Wi-Fi

Mesh Wi-Fi is a scalable and self-configuring Wi-Fi solution that eradicates dead zones and offers seamless wireless roaming for the end user. Offering managed mesh Wi-Fi helps you meet customer expectations and differentiates you from your competitors.

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