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Seliro joins forces with cybersecurity companies

by Amy Simonson

Seliro announces the new partnership with cybersecurity companies to answer increasing demand from operators.

As the number of IoT and smart home devices and solutions in the home is exponentially increasing, so are the security threats.

End-users want to be sure that they, and their entire network, are protected all the time, preferably without much manual effort. This has become a demand from end-users that Operators are forced to meet, and it does not come for free! However, the up-side is that these investments can be monetized through new service offerings.

“We have joined forces with several leading cybersecurity companies to answer our clients’ needs. We recognize that every Operator is different, and have now, integrated and deployed different Partners’ security solutions in live networks, optimized to the context of each respective Operator.  We believe these collaborations are crucial and fully in line with our vision to provide a full-featured IoT and Smart Home software platform where leading edge security has a central place” says Michael Gustavsson, VP Products & Services at Seliro.

Seliro has worked tightly together with our Security Partners to integrate their respective security solutions with our Device Software Platform, Ensemble. The platform is capable of powering a multitude of devices including gateways, routers, Wi-Fi Mesh devices and IoT hubs. The overall aim has been to bring to life a broad security offering, matching the needs of all Operators. Pre-integrated, easily deployable and easily monetizable security services right “out of the box”.

The Partner security solutions have also been integrated with Seliro’s Device and IoT Management Platform, Maestro, giving Operators the possibility to seamlessly provision and activate the service as well as to continuously upgrade the threat module and to perform real-time monitoring of service status.

One of the innovative Partners selected is BlackDice, a machine learning software company which recently graduated from the UK’s GCHQ NCSC Accelerator. Their technology integrates into telecoms operator routers and gateways, constantly monitoring device behavior, assessing threats and vulnerabilities in real time, protecting from malware, sophisticated content controls and device management. Anytime, on any network, anywhere.

Paul Hague, CEO and Co-Founder of BlackDice: “Cybersecurity challenges know no borders, and so we’re delighted to partner with Seliro to deliver more choices for Operators. All Operators want to reduce churn and deliver high value to their customers, and by partnering with Seliro, our complete security solution will now be available to a global marketplace.”

Meet Seliro and BlackDice at Broadband World Forum 2019 in Amsterdam, 15-17 October, booth B47.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Gustavsson, VP Products & Services, Seliro, +46 73 961 86 74,

Paul Hague, CEO and Co-Founder, BlackDice, +44 77 11 71 14,

About BlackDice

Blackdice is cybersecurity business and alumni of the NCSC/GCHQ accelerator program.
The business was founded by Paul hague and Paul Jenkins and their story began trying to address problems online experienced by a close family member.
With the help of NCSC/GCHQ the business has now expanded beyond its first mission and has created a complete cyber security solution for telecoms operators. Helping them help their customers stay safe online on any device, on any network, anywhere. For more information visit:

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