HG2500 – IoT ready

Short facts:

  • Gigabit wired interfaces
  • Concurrent dual band Wi-Fi
  • Wireless LAN 4×4 802.11ac, 1700 Mbps
  • Wireless LAN 3×3 802.11n, 450 Mbps
  • 802.11ac MU-MIMO and Explicit beamforming
  • Accelerated wired and wireless routing
  • Ready for Intel Wi-Fi range extender solution
  • Hardware virtualization for 3rd party software
  • Smart home enabled with ULE radio
  • Powered by ENSEMBLE, Device Software from Seliro*
Tilgin’s HG2500 product family is based on a platform with a highly distributed hardware architecture. The solution has dedicated HW for full off-loading of wired as well as wireless routing, an entity for QoS, a security engine for acceleration of encrypted traffic services such as IPSec, SIP/TLS, SRTP and OpenVPN.

The solution has a dual core architecture hosting the application software with the possibility to run specific software in a sandbox environment using its own guest operating system, thus preventing for instance an IoT application from interfering with or affecting other services in the gateway.
The product family is truly a platform that has full focus on Wi-Fi, with its concurrent dual band solution, offering an accumulated Wi-Fi link speed exceeding 2000 Mbps.
The 5 GHz radio supports the wave 2 generation of 802.11ac including support for MU-MIMO, band steering, roaming and more.
The 2.4 GHz radio is a state of the art 802.11n compliant radio that supports “any client” beamforming that gives improved coverage in the home for all type of devices.
Since the whole Wi-Fi solution has full hardware off-loading, the maximum throughput goes beyond all limits without involving the host processor and the applications running there. Actual Wi-Fi speeds beyond 1000 Mbps are supported, where only the connected clients and wired interfaces are limiting factor.
The wired routing capacity goes beyond what is seen on most home gateways today, with the capacity to provide full gigabit bidirectional routing also for the smallest Ethernet packets.
The product family is prepared for and can act as an Intel intelligent range extender controller, to control and manage one or more range extenders in a home for superior Wi-Fi coverage also in the most difficult environments. The solution support advanced features such as ability to seamlessly move connected clients between the gateway and the Wi-Fi extenders in the home.
The HG2500 has an option for DECT/CAT-iq, allowing high definition voice and bring speech quality to a new level. It opens a seamless path to IoT services with the support for ULE – the CAT-iq evolution into the IoT and specifically the smart home segment.

*  For more information about Seliro Device Software ENSEMBLE and MAESTRO Device & IoT Management Platform go to www.seliro.com