Tilgin HG350

Short facts:

  • Terminal adapter for POTS and VoIP service
  • Full blown router with up to 2000 Mbps routing
  • GE WAN and LAN interfaces
  • Wireline bridging at all packet sizes
  • DECT/CAT-iq option
  • ULE HUB for smart home solutions
  • TR-069 Remote Managed
  • Powered by ENSEMBLE, Device Software from Seliro*
HG350 is designed to be an environmentally friendly Home Gateway in total. The Home Gateway's casing and production are adjusted with environmental friendly material and processes.

The HG350 product family is a range of VoIP terminal adapters suitable for PSTN replacement as well as green field deployments.

It is equipped with a legacy POTS port and a cordless base station using CAT-iq technology, ready to connect multiple cordless handsets. The solution also supports ULE, the newest smart home radio technology, for current and future smart home solutions.

HG350 is designed in line with the Code of Conduct regulations.

* For more information about Seliro Device Software ENSEMBLE and  MAESTRO Device & IoT Management Platform go to www.seliro.com