Short facts:

  • Plug and play provisioning of mesh with easy WPS procedure
  • Tri-radio solution with powerful dedicated backhaul
  • Wired backhaul option for green field homes
  • AC2900 configuration
  • Work with Mesh in Tilgin routers
  • Prepared for Easy mesh
  • Option for extender mode, ideal for IPTV multicast
  • Operator management using TR-069
  • Fully integrated with Seliro MAESTRO
  • Can plug in to existing operator management platform
  • Powered by ENSEMBLE, Device Software from Seliro*
The IHD103 is a solution for extending the Wi-Fi coverage in the home.

In some cases, even the best Wi-Fi solution built into the gateway does not cover all parts of the home in the best possible way. This can be a problem in large homes, especially if the gateway is installed in a non-optimal place in the home or in apartments with thick concrete walls.

The IHD103 is a solution for extending the Wi-Fi coverage in the home. The Wi-Fi network in the home is built by setting up multiple extenders as needed, connected to each other in a star or daisy chain fashion.

The solution offers seamless handover between the nodes in the home for connected clients. This together with features such as band steering, optimal channel selection, load balancing, client steering and much more gives the ultimate Wi-Fi user experience in the home.

The solution is built around the latest 802.11ac standard supporting MU-MIMO. The solution has an advanced tri band radio solution, with a dedicated 4×4 radio for the backhaul network together with two radios for clients to connect.

The solution is based on a pre-standard version of the Easy Mesh work ongoing within Wi-Fi alliance. Compliance will be available via software updates as the standardization work proceeds.

The backhaul network can be built using wired Ethernet connection or using Wi-Fi. The former is suitable for maximum performance in modern homes and greenfield where there is already a cable infrastructure in place. The latter is suitable in any situation and installation. The only thing needed is a power outlet.

The extender can also be setup in a Video bridge mode for multicast streaming of video over Wi-Fi and then work as a Wi-Fi range extender.

The home mesh network is fully operator manageable from a TR-069 ACS. The solution can be software updated, status and statistic can be collected, and the devices can be configured following the TR-069 standard.

*  For more information about ENSEMBLE, the Device Software from Seliro, please go to www.seliro.com
Seliro also delivers a Device & IoT Management Platform called MAESTRO