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with embedded software in our deployed gateways.

The power of our SDK

As residential gateways get more and more powerful, there is an opportunity to let the router become the natural hub in the home for IT based supplementary services. This allows the service provider to offer new revenue generating services in addition to the traditional triple-play services to their subscribers.

From a subscriber perspective, the benefits are that the service provider can be the single point of contact for new services and keep the home tidy since there is no need for an additional hub in the home for every new service.

Tilgin routers are delivered with the Seliro Ensemble software that has the capability to host third party software for supplementary services, on top of the native software and features that comes with the device in the standard package.


Our SDK creates a flexible environment

Tilgin believes in open solutions and this approach allows the services providers to pick and choose applications for new services, considering only what application providers they would like to work with, which type applications they want to offer or to develop applications of their own and offer to their subscribers.

The solution is based on software containers which allows third party software providers to add their applications to the gateway without doing the traditional deep software integration and the hurdles that comes with that approach.

Once the solution is deployed the service applications are updated independent of the Seliro software. This means that the service applications and the Seliro Ensemble software can have their own independent maintenance releases. It gives great benefits from a service perspective with much faster turnaround times and without having to involve all parties every time a component needs an update as they are updated independent of each other.

Dynamic and proven

Seliro Ensemble offers interfaces for various type of third-party applications which allows them to fully utilize the native software feature set that comes with Seliro Ensemble and the Tilgin device hardware. This includes the standard Linux application environment, interfaces to IoT and smart home applications via open connectivity foundation and an interface to the Seliro Ensemble voice application.


Pick and choose functionality

The solution is centrally managed via a TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) and allows the service provider to fully control the deployed applications.

Typical services that are offered in this way are parental control solutions, security related applications or IoT solutions. There is also a possibility for the service provider to use this technology for provisioning solutions or for advanced service monitoring to increase customer satisfaction.

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Interested in bringing additional applications to market? With the use of our SDK you can add incremental revenue to your solutions offering, provide your customers with more services and achieve better customer stickiness.

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