Consulting Services

Tilgin offers various tailored services that will enhance operational performance. In addition, we can help in preparing and executing new technology and feature implementations.

Product Trials

For customers wanting to evaluate a new market concept, service or solution, Tilgin offers a product trial service. This program is milestone driven and touches upon all functions required for a potential mass launch of a new product, feature or service

Operational Fast Track

The Fast Track Service is an element intended to help customers with a fast and efficient installation/integration of new products, software or features within a customer’s network. Tilgin will provide direct and hands-on support through-out the whole project.


To develop and maintain an environment that always is connected and reachable within the provider’s network, Tilgin offers an Integration Program to connect its products to other solutions and vendors.

On-Site Support

Normally Tilgin is supporting all customers remotely, but this specific service element, “on-site support”, makes it possible for a consultant to sit with the customer on their premises.

With the Local Support, customers will have a dedicated Tilgin consultant working at the requested site, side-by-side with the customer personnel for a specific purpose and dedicated time.

SW Customization

Tilgin understands that standard delivered software and functionality might not always be according to customer needs. With that in mind, Tilgin has created a service element that aims to support customers in need of software customizations and/or adaptations.