One very important aspect of Tilgin’s service portfolio is to secure interoperability with other manufacturers’ network products.

To develop and maintain an environment that always is connected and reachable, within the provider’s network, Tilgin offers an Integration Program to connect its products to other solutions (and vice versa).

Within this service Tilgin Solutions offers an element that is called VIP (ACS Interoperability Program).
An interoperability Program will enable non-Tilgin Solutions TR-069 compatible CPEs to work bi-directionally with our ACS solution. During the service, Tilgin performs TR-069 integrations of CPEs or other network devices (such as telephones or radio equipment) with our ACS solution, to achieve a connection via remote management.

In addition to an IOT, customers can also request projects “in the other direction”, meaning making Tilgin’s CPEs interoperable with another third-party TR-069 ACS. In short, to import Tilgin Solutions devices into an already established network environment.