Consulting services

Tailored services to optimize your potential 

Are you compromising your needs because of the limitations in your standardized software and functionalities? We understand that this will not help you reach optimal potential, which is why we offer software customizations and adaptations.

To enhance operational performance, we offer various tailored consulting services. If you want to evaluate a new market concept, service or solution, we offer a product trial service so you can do this extensively. This program is milestone-driven and includes all functions required for the launch of a new product, feature or service.

If you are developing and maintaining an interconnected environment of different solutions and vendors, we also offer an integration program.

Lastly, we offer remote support to all customers and when it’s needed, we can also offer on-site support. With on-site support, you will get a dedicated Tilgin consultant working side-by-side with you for a specific purpose.

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