Operational Services

By taking on a wider operational responsibility, Tilgin Solutions supports clients to improve operational value, reduce costs and increase perceived values and benefits.
The Operational service portfolio contains a range of deliverables that span from highly proactive system Health Checks to Upgrade and Migration work.

ACS Health Check

A proactive health check program that ensures the customer installed ACS system is as functional and streamlined as possible.

ACS Migration & Upgrade

A Project based service that helps customer to upgrade existing ACS system.
The content will differ based upon customer needs, but will in general include everything from upgrading existing ACS software to latest release to a physical/virtual ACS system migration.

RMA / Screening

Tilgin Solutions has developed a test station for screening of end-customer reported CPE errors. The purpose is to test and rule out units which are in fact not faulty or which have been affected by software-related errors.

ACS High Availbility implementation

For customers already using VCM as a standalone solution and wanting to have a more robust setup, Tilgin Solutions offers the ACS High Availability Implementation and Integration Service.