Software to power and manage Wi-Fi, VOIP, mesh

and home-IOT solutions

Software and solutions for the connected home

Technology generations arrive at a higher pace than ever before, which shortens the corresponding hardware lifecycle. To prolong the lifecycle of installed base and ensure transition to next generation architecture, software compatibility and control is key. That’s why Seliro offers a decoupled software model.

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Maestro ACS is a CPE management system that spans the complete CPE lifecycle for a multitude of device types in home network environments, such as standard broadband gateways from any vendor, Advanced Wi-Fi mesh extenders and residential platforms for IoT functionality.



As we provide hardware and gateway vendors with software solutions, we have a well proven, high end state of the art Ensemble software agent that inherits 20 years of know-how in the business. This provides a jump start to any vendor with a desire to deliver high-end functionality in their gateway product range.


Managed Wi-Fi mesh

Managed Wi-Fi mesh is a solution for delivering a connectivity that fully meets the high expectations of demanding broadband subscribers in terms of Wi-Fi coverage, stability, capacity, speed and ease-of-use while enabling their service provider to give full support for consumers when they need it.

Our Wi-Fi mesh explained

High perfomance home Wi-Fi networks are no longer a nice to have – consumers demand it. How can you deliver and leverage on that demand? What if there was a complete software solution to help operators capture this opportunity?