Your challenges

Increase Revenue

Tilgin helps you benefit from new revenue streams and gain more from your existing ones. Exploring new business models while providing more attractive content will extend your customer base and allow you to sell more services more easily.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Tilgin brings you more satisfied and loyal customers. We work with every aspect of your image, including service quality, delivery performance and ease of use. Let your end users enjoy the benefits of the online home by offering them truly useful content – easily and hassle free.

Reduce Cost

Tilgin reduces your operating expenditure. We can help streamline your processes and improve the fault tolerance of your service delivery. Remote management is a highly cost-efficient way to add new subscribers and upgrade software, while ensuring a secure service delivery to your customers.

Our solutions

Through innovative thinking and software expertise  we offer broadband operators smart solutions for the online home. By combining intelligent customer premises equipment with management systems, software and professional services, we provide operators a complete offering that increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.